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Oh guys I’m so sorry about my crappy posting schedule or lack thereof.. My dash is just drarryless lately and other fandoms are taking over. If anyone has some recs for me (blogs, fanart, fanfic, whatever) let me know :) 

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Drarry sketch :3


Drarry sketch :3


I Got You Harry/DracoAfter watching the last two installments of Harry Potter films, I wanted to make some Draco fanart. It’s nice to revisit my old fandom.Photo ref.


I Got You

After watching the last two installments of Harry Potter films, I wanted to make some Draco fanart. It’s nice to revisit my old fandom.
Photo ref.

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So guess who I’m shipping now


So guess who I’m shipping now

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*flails at femme’s writing talent for the millionth time and goes back to reading her latest fic*

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(Alternative) 30 Day Drarry Challenge


Day 1: Would you change the books/movies to make Drarry canon?

Day 2: If you could make a movie, which fanfic would you use?

Day 3: Does Draco have Sectumsempra scars? What do they look like?

Day 4: If you could write the way you truly wanted to, how would your first story go?

Day 5: If you could draw the way you truly wanted to, what would your first drawing look like?

Day 6: Do you imagine Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe as Draco and Harry?

Day 7: Do you prefer fanart, graphics or manips? 

Day 8: Who’s your favourite Drarry author?

Day 9: Who makes the best graphics/manips/fanart?

Day 10: Do they get married and have kids?

Day 11: What’s your opinion on Ginny? What about Astoria?

Day 12: Do you follow fests? Which ones?

Day 13: Do you have an unpopular opinion on something involving Drarry?

Day 14: How do people react when you tell them you ship Drarry?

Day 15: How do Draco’s parents respond to their relationship? What about Molly and Arthur?

Day 16: Do you ship Draco or Harry with other people? If you don’t, do you think it makes you a better shipper?

Day 17: Does the fanfiction you read have to have a happy ending?

Day 18: Describe your Harry (Looks and characterization).

Day 19: Describe your Draco (Looks and characterization).

Day 20: Which warnings put you off a fanfic before you even read it?

Day 21: Do you prefer oneshots or novel length?

Day 22: Which era do you prefer? Hogwarts, eight year, Post-Hogwarts, …?

Day 23: Do you like epilogue compliant fics?

Day 24: What was the last fanfic you read/what are you reading right now?

Day 25: Do you like the Drarrytag?

Day 26: Do you like pet names like love or baby? What about Drake or Dray?

Day 27: Which Drarry cliché do you secretly love?

Day 28: Copy-paste a scene that gave you tingles from a random fanfic. (Don’t forget the source!)

Day 29: Where does the Wizarding World stand on homosexuality?

Day 30: Are Draco and Harry ‘out’ before they get together?