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Short version - Read(re-read) HP long ago - didn't get into the fanmade works - started all of that with Sherlock - but now I've discovered my love and satisfied my curiosity for HP fanwork and especially Drarry, so I'm stalking your blog. My love for all of this has come back with full force =P And, gosh. I adore your blogs, all of 'em. <3 *staggers away, singing loudly*

aw thank you! I’m so happy I can spread the love :D

I’m rereading Femme’s fics (yes, again, don’t judge me) and I’ve read about someone having a miniature broom that’s important to them at least twice now and someone always breaks it and my heart breaks with it every time :(


”And this is Amortentia ,the most powerful love potion in the world. It’s rumored to smell differently to each person according to what attracts them. “

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"Ron didn’t mean it, Draco. Your nose doesn’t make you look like a ferret."


"Ron didn’t mean it, Draco. Your nose doesn’t make you look like a ferret."

Who are your favorite drarry authors?


Sectumsempra Triptych by raitala

"I feel a certain absence of an element between panels two and three. In a way I would have liked perhaps a snarl or something to indicate that exchange between "Crucio" and "Sectumsempra". But then again, I like the simplicity and balance of three images and the Draco-centric aspect certainly isn’t going to cause ME any sleepless nights." - raitala

pssst. don't tag it #not drarry. tagging in tumblr will still bring it up because it has drarry in it. tag it misc or something c:

(Like I said, I didn’t get a notification for this message. I swear I would have answered a lot sooner otherwise.. sorry)

I’m not sure which post you’re talking about, but do you mean that if I tag something not drarry it shows up in the drarry tag? that didn’t used to happen, did it? I’ll make sure to avoid doing that then.

I usually don’t purposely tag something ‘not drarry’ so it’s in a certain tag, I just want to say ‘hey guys I know this is a drarry blog and this post isn’t really drarry but I’d like you to see/know this, so I’m posting it here anyway’ but that’s a little long :p.

hi there :) i dont know if this blog is still active or not, but im hoping it is. im looking for a beta for my drarry fic, but i only recently started writing so i dont really know where to look. do you know where i might find betas willing to work with me? any help would be much appreciated ^^

omg I just saw, I have messages in my inbox I never got a notification for :s I’m so sorry I didn’t answer sooner! This blog is semi-active. If I find something I like, or I have something to say, I definitely use it, but unfortunately I’ll never be a very consistent blogger :s

I submitted the crappy little fics I wrote at project team beta and that worked perfectly. It’s been a while though, so I’m not sure how thing are going there rn. 

Hope this info is still useful somehow, apparently this message is from 2 weeks ago. I never got a notification, sorry sorry sorry :(

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I'm kinda new to drarry fics, but I saw your post and was wondering if you have recs for fics where Draco and Ron are partners. Please and thank you! :)

They’re partners here, but that’s not really what the fic is about. It’s only mentioned in passing but yeah it got me excited anyway :). I’m sure there are loads more, I just can’t remember any :s

I do know that I love On fingers broken long ago because of the amazing relationships/dialogue between the slytherins and the gryffindors (and the ravenclaws and the hufflepuffs :p) So if you want something like my textpost, I’d suggest that one! please don’t be put off by the weird relationships, I swear it makes sense in the fic